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 Healing and wellness Canak 

The Camp Canak Bord of directors wanted to find an efficient and profitable way to use the establishment after it opened, and this during periods that are not busy with our special needs clientele. After numerous meetings with Health Professionals and key people in the community, Camp Canak has set up an alternate program with its Respite Center for people with special needs and the addition of healing stays. The resourcing will serve to ensure the sustainability of respite stays, provide stability to employees as well as add additional income annually. The purpose of this addition was to meet a growing need in the region and throughout New Brunswick.


In New Brunswick more than 10,000 young adults aged 15 to 29 and over 40,000 young people aged 30 to 59 suffer from mood or anxiety disorders according to the Government of New Brunswick's Mental Health Indicators for 2011 Anxiety disorders, performance anxiety, mood disorders and all types of mental illness are increasingly common, but fortunately the stigma is decreasing and people are more and more open to certain type of therapy like healing.


The Resourcing will focus on the outdoors, physical activity and self-discovery, in collaboration with health professionals and helping fathers according to the clientele. Customers must book their stays in advance according to the dates offered in the programming calendar. The stays will be strategically scheduled to fill the gaps during the less busy periods of the Camp

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